[Last update 24/6/2018]

The company GROUP OF COMPANIES HELLAS, in order to be able to offer the services of smsmanagement.gr, requests and processes the minimum necessary data needed for the respective processes as Processor and Executor of Processing, as defined in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2016/679 of the European Union. GROUP OF COMPANIES HELLAS with transparency and respect takes care and processes the personal data of the users with the sole purpose of performing the desired processing of the users.

For any question, request or exercise of rights regarding Personal Data you can contact directly the Data Protection Officer we have appointed at dpo@gochellas.gr
Users have the right to report to the Personal Data Protection Authority (contact@dpa.gr) any processing of Personal Data that they consider to violate the applicable legal framework for the protection of Personal Data.


GROUP OF COMPANIES HELLAS processes the data in order to provide the following services and functions:

  • Telecommunication SMS services
  • Pricing
  • Service
  • Balance information, payments, requests
  • Technical Support
  • Troubleshooting
  • Checking compliance with the Terms of Use


GROUP OF COMPANIES HELLAS to provide smsmanagement.gr services stores and processes:

  • User Details:
    • Name
    • Surname
    • Address
  • Unique User IDs:
    • ΑΦΜ
  • User Pricing Details:
    • Name
    • Invoicing Address
  • User Contact Information:
    • Mobile phone number
    • Email
  • Items that the user can enter or create:
    • Phone Numbers
    • Message History
    • Message Statistics
  • User Browser IDs:
    • IP Address
    • Cookies
  • Items produced in use:
    • Contact Data

smsmanagement.gr processes the data according to the commands of the users and does not act in any other way in the same or in the data produced by the processes.
For Cookies you will find more information in the Cookies Policy .


Data Recipients can be:

  • The representatives and / or subcontractors of GROUP OF COMPANIES HELLAS
  • All relevant Public, Regulatory and Judicial Authorities
  • Interconnected telecommunications service providers

All GROUP OF COMPANIES HELLAS partners have agreed:

  • Keep confidential and do not transmit the data they process
  • Take care of their safety
  • Ensure the availability of their systems
  • Inform GROUP OF COMPANIES HELLAS of any breach of Privacy Policy
  • Comply with the GDPR and any legal framework governing the processing they perform

GROUP OF COMPANIES HELLAS undertakes not to disclose User Personal Data for purposes other than those described in the Terms of Use to any third party.


GROUP OF COMPANIES HELLAS retains each user data during the contract to process it according to user instructions. Inactive accounts and their data are retained for a period of 2 years after which they are permanently deleted without any possibility of recovery.


GROUP OF COMPANIES HELLAS takes all technical and organizational data protection measures in accordance with the ADAE regulation. It is an ongoing process in which any measures required are tested, re-examined and modified.


Users have the right to:

  • Information for the purposes of each processing
  • Information for the recipients to whom their data is transmitted
  • Access their data
  • Perform edits on their data
  • Delete data
  • Data Extraction
  • Restricting data processing

All user requests are answered as soon as possible and always within a reasonable time of one week.


GROUP OF COMPANIES HELLAS may modify the Privacy Policy and will notify users who log in to their accounts of any new changes at any time. However, all users agree to be regularly informed of the changes.